The Brief About Male GROOMING

The Brief About Male GROOMING

In most parts of the world, the standards for male grooming have changed dramatically over the years. If you are lost in this new world of male grooming, do not fret. In this post, we'll answer five burning questions about men's grooming.

How should I style my hair?

Your hair is an important part of your style. Typically, men visit the barber once or twice a month, which is a good amount to settle on. The most popular haircuts often involve textured slick back hair. Although it may be difficult to maintain, a regular application of Skin and Skull Dry Matte Clay should hold your hairstyle quite nicely.

Should I keep or shave my beard?

Beards have made a significant comeback over the recent years. Whether or not you keep your beard is up to you. However, if you have a less prominent jawline, a beard can help a great deal to sharpen your face shape. A nice short boxed beard like this is very popular among men.

Should I take care of my skin?

Yes. Men tend to disregard skincare and pass it off as a concern unworthy of our time. However, with twice as much chance for men over 50 to develop skin cancer compared to women, taking care of your skin is a priority.

What grooming products should I use?

The market for men's grooming products has exploded over the years. If you search anything related to men's grooming on Amazon, you will find thousands of results. Some companies like Skin and Skull are even completely dedicated to selling men's grooming products.

How much will I spend on grooming?

Fortunately, not much. With most male grooming products having a price point of less than $25, you aren't bound to break the bank. Granted, it costs more than a Netflix subscription, but it's not too steep for men with average incomes. All in all, male grooming is on the rise, and it's good news for everyone.

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