What is a quiff?


If you have ever chanced upon a male celebrity’s interview clip, or swiftly glanced at their photo on tabloids, there is a great chance you have envied their quiff. But what is a quiff? In this article, we’ll explore this wildly popular haircut, and show you the best way to style it yourself.

A hairstyle for the ages

Although the name of it looks like it could be somewhat inappropriate, there is nothing more appropriate for a man’s hair than a quiff. It’s simple, stylish, and doesn’t require hours at the barbershop. Its combination of multiple hairstyles gives it an incomparable versatility when it comes to style. It is no wonder then that a lot of men have adopted the quiff, as it can easily be modified. But the true advantage of the quiff is its ease of styling.

Do it like Beckham

As we mentioned earlier, the quiff is so simple anyone could do it. To achieve it, you only need a blow dryer, hair clay, and a comb. Simply blow dry your hair, apply the hair clay, and comb it to achieve the quiff. As far as hair clay goes, Skin and Skull’s Dry Matte Clay will be more than enough to suit your needs. It will give your hair a strong hold with a lot of volume and a matte finish. If you’d like to try something else, Skin and Skull’s natural paste is great for a light hold and natural shine, while their dirty pomade will give you a high hold and high shine. You can check out these products at skinandskull.com.

All in all, it doesn’t take much to do it like Beckham, only hair, wax, and a knack for the quiff!

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