What's is in your ingredient list?

What is in your ingredient list?

If you have ever been puzzled by the long list of ingredients written on the back of your hair gel or pomade, you are not alone. Often, we are confronted with such obscure ingredients that it makes us wonder if it's even safe to put on our scalps. And more often than not, those products are actually unsafe. However, at Skin and Skull, we aim to keep it simple.

Safe for your hair

Skin and Skull is committed to ditching harmful chemicals to provide you with the safest products available for your skin, hair, and body. In fact, we guarantee you will recognize all our ingredients without needing a degree in chemistry. Our ingredient list comprises nutritious oils such as coconut oil, patchouli oil, sandalwood oil, cedarwood oil and lavender oil, proven to promote healthy hair, and even stimulate hair growth! Other ingredients such as shea butter, kaolin clay and charcoal help nourish your scalp and maintain your hairstyle.

Safe for the environment

At Skin and Skull, we believe in preserving the environment. Indeed, we make it a point to use biodegradable ingredients in our manufacturing process to avoid chemical waste. We source our ingredients from environmentally conscious suppliers, who make certain to extract their product in sustainable ways. From the creation to the packaging of our products, we make sure to maintain our commitment to uphold our standards of sustainable production.

Not only is your hair safe with Skin and Skull, but also the world around you

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